Top 5 Nigerian Restaurants Near Me in Accra

Top 5 Nigerian Restaurants Near Me in Accra

Are you craving the rich and spicy flavors of Nigerian cuisine here in Ghana’s bustling capital city of Accra? As a fellow foodie who has called Accra home for several years now, I’m delighted to share my insider’s guide to savoring a taste of the finest Nigerian restaurants Accra has to offer.

Many don’t realize just how intertwined Nigerian and Ghanaian cuisine is thanks to our countries’ shared history and borders. Beyond jollof rice wars, we enjoy many of the same soups, stews, snacks, and ingredients.

In this article, I’ll highlight 5 trusted spots for the best Nigerian cuisine near you, from quick street snacks to upscale dining. No passport is required for this flavorsome journey! Come along.

1. A Tantalizing Taste of Naija at Buka Restaurant

Nestled away on a quiet side street in the heart of Osu, Accra, you’ll find Buka Restaurant – a hidden gem for the most mouthwatering modern Ghanaian and Nigerian cuisine. Stepping inside the calmly decorated interior, the aromatic scent of spices and sizzling meat envelops you. I recently visited Buka for an unforgettable culinary experience.

Buka Restaurant
People dinning at Buka Restaurant

As soon as I walked in, the friendly host warmly welcomed me and led me to a table. Glancing over the menu, I was overwhelmed by the variety of classic dishes like jollof rice, efo-riro, egusi soup, and pounded yam. 

Top 5 Nigerian Restaurants Near Me in Accra

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Eager to dive in, I started with the jollof rice – perfectly cooked so each grain was fluffy and infused with rich flavors. The egusi soup bursting with aromatic spices was simply sublime paired with soft pounded yam, I really liked everything about the egusi soup.

Egusi soup
The amazing Egusi soup

Buka brings Nigeria’s culinary delights together on one plate. With an inviting ambiance and fabulous traditional dishes, it’s easy to see why locals and tourists alike make this a repeat destination. Craving a taste of Naija? Your journey starts here.

  • Check out their Menu Buka Restaurant
  • Location – 10th Street, Osu Accra, Ghana
  • Email [email protected]
  • Number – +233 (0) 24 484 2464
  • Operating Time – Mondays to Saturdays (12:00 pm to 9:00 pm)

2. A Homecoming Feast at 805 Restaurant

After weeks of eager anticipation, my cousin Fred finally returned from auditioning for a Nollywood role in Lagos. To celebrate his homecoming, we decided to visit 805 Restaurant‘s sleek yet cozy location in the Airport Residential Area. Already renowned for award-winning African cuisine, I was intrigued.

805 Restaurant
People at the 805 Restaurant, having a good time

Stepping inside, the enticing aromas dancing through the open kitchen quickened my appetite instantly. Perusing the diverse menu with Fred, who regaled me with exciting details from his Nigeria trip, was half the fun.

When our dishes arrived, the Edikangikong vegetable soup immediately caught my eye. One spoonful of the hearty green soup bursting with leafy greens and Fred said he was transported back to Lagos. Each luxurious slurp revealed new layers of flavor as he fondly reminisced about similar Nigerian dishes.

The Delicious Edikangikong

Before I knew it, my bowl was empty but my heart was full. 805 had delivered the perfect celebratory homecoming meal, one I’ll crave again each time I want to savor Africa’s vibrant flavors. Fred and I lingered long after, basking in the cozy ambiance.

So whether it’s to welcome someone home or for your own culinary getaway, 805 Restaurant hits the spot. Their winning combos of cuisine and hospitality make every visit memorable.

  • Check out their Menu 805 Restaurant
  • Location – No 3 Adomi Street, Off Volta Street, Airport Residential Area, GA-154-4391
  • Number – +233 201805 805
  • Operating Time – Mondays to Saturdays (12:00 pm to 11:00 pm)

3. A Night of Flavors and Festivities at Chez Afrique

When my friend Tolu was finally able to visit me in Accra, I was thrilled to make good on my promise of treating him to authentic Nigerian cuisine. We decided to check out the lively Chez Afrique in East Legon, known for its diverse pan-African fare and vibrant atmosphere.

Dinners at  Chez Afrique
Dinners at Chez Afrique

Stepping inside, the cozy interior immediately enveloped us with enticing aromas. As Tolu scanned the menu with familiarity, I waited eagerly for his recommendations. “You must try the abacha,” he insisted. Soon, the bright green dish arrived, deceptively simple in appearance. After my first spoonful of subtle but rich flavors, I was delighted by this new discovery.

Mouth-watering Abacha

Between spoonfuls, Tolu regaled me with memories tied to Abacha in his homeland. His stories made savoring the dish even more special. By the meal’s end, I was so grateful Tolu could lend this cultural context to broaden my culinary perspectives.

So for a hearty helping of mouthwatering fare alongside Nigerian culture, come hungry and leave happy at Chez Afrique. You’ll find an unforgettable experience awaiting you.

  • Location – Plot No.1, Building, 4 Bissau Ave, Accra
  • Phone number – 020 211 2887
  • Operating Time – Mondays to Sundays ( 11:00 am to 10:00 pm)

4. Enjoying Moin moin at Chez Clarisse’s Warm Nook

After a long day in back-to-back meetings, my colleague suggested checking out Chez Clarisse Mama Africa for some authentic West African fare. Located just off bustling Oxford Street in Osu, this charming little spot specializing in Ivorian and Nigerian cuisine seemed perfect for satisfying our growling stomachs.

The Chez Clarisse
The Chez Clarisse

The moment we entered the snug and inviting space, the mouthwatering smells made me hungry. We felt happy and relaxed in the vibrant and friendly environment. I looked at the menu and chose the Moin moin, a Nigerian delicacy that my colleague suggested.

When the plate arrived piled in small, cylindrical containers made from leaves still sizzling, my mouth watered. I eagerly took a bite, the outer crunch giving way to a sweet and savory interior that delighted my tastebuds. These moreish moin moin perfectly blended flavors and textures. No wonder they’re so popular!

Moin moin
The tasty Moin moin

With charm, great prices, and mouthwatering cuisine, Chez Clarisse brings some of West Africa’s best flavors together under one roof. A perfect spot to grab a tasty bite after exploring Osu! Don’t miss out on this hidden gem.

  • Location: Oxford Street in Osu, behind Ecobank
  • Phone number: +233 24 294 8828
  • Operating Time – Mondays to Sundays ( 9:00 am to 12:00 pm)

5. Chop I Chop: A Taste of Naija’s Savory Treasures

Tucked away on Naa Atta Street in Tesano sits Chop I Chop Nigeria Restaurant, a slice of Lagos in the heart of Accra. As a curious foodie, I decided to finally try authentic Nigerian cuisine by stopping in. The aroma upon entering was enticingly foreign, beckoning my taste buds on a West African adventure.

The decor transported me across the border, setting the stage for a true Nigerian dining experience. Perusing the menu revealed unfamiliar dishes like Ẹbà and Afang Soup. Feeling daring, I ordered the Ẹbà with Afang Soup, not knowing this would become my new favorite meal.

With my first spoonful of the rich, peppery Afang Soup paired with chewy Ẹbà, an explosion of flavors danced on my palate. I was blown away by this tantalizing Nigerian specialty I’d never tried before. The gentle heat was undeniably comforting and satisfying.

Afang Soup
Afang Soup

For a taste of Nigeria without leaving Accra, Chop I Chop hits the spot, where I can always get my fix of authentic dishes like their signature Yam Pottage when craving Nigeria’s mouthwatering cuisine.

Let the friendly chefs transport you across the border with their sizzling dishes and heartwarming hospitality. A true hidden gem for the curious.

  • Location – Naa Atta Street, Tesano Accra
  • Customers can contact them for delivery through WhatsApp at +233231872103 or by calling +233261765633

Now It’s Your Turn – Discover Accra’s Tastiest Nigerian Cuisine

After this mouthwatering culinary tour of Accra’s top spots for savoring authentic Nigerian cuisine, I hope you’re feeling inspired to explore the rich diversity of flavors from across the border.

From quick street snacks like succulent suya at Chop I Chop to an upscale tasting menu at 805 Restaurant, I’ve aimed to highlight the best Nigerian food near you in Accra based on my own delicious research. These restaurants truly showcase West Africa’s culinary treasures through their specialty dishes, welcoming service, and immersive environments.

Now it’s your turn to follow in my footsteps and discover your own favorites. Try a new dish, share your experience in the comments, and spread the word so we can build Accra’s reputation as a hub for incredible Pan-African fare.

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Thanks for taking this flavorful journey with me. I can’t wait to hear where your taste buds lead you next in Accra and beyond! Let the cuisine adventures continue.

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