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Kofi C.

Wildlife Guide

Kofi’s contagious enthusiasm for Ghana’s exotic wildlife makes his safari tours unforgettable. He prides himself on catering to each traveler’s interests for customized adventures. The income has allowed Kofi to dedicate himself to conservation.

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Azhar Abduova

Your Guide

Azhar takes immense pleasure in crafting immersive encounters that allow visitors to truly delve into the essence of Togo, Benin, Gambia, and Senegal. Her interactive guided expeditions garner enthusiastic acclaim for granting an insider’s insight into these enchanting destinations.

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Tour Guide

Meet Eve, an exuberant and knowledgeable tour guide, inviting you to uncover the splendors of Kenya with her. Her genuine passion for showcasing Kenya’s rich tapestry of traditions, along with her commitment to responsible tourism, ensures you’ll witness the breathtaking beauty of Kenya.

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Kwame A.

Local Guide

Kwame loves immersing visitors in the rich culture and history of his hometown. His insightful tours receive rave reviews for providing a local’s perspective. Hosting has enabled Kwame to build connections and share his passion.

Frequently asked questions

Have questions? Find answers to commonly asked questions about hosting with GoldCoastXP.

To become a partner with Gold Coast XP, you can reach out to our partnership team through our website or contact us directly. We will guide you through the partnership process and provide the necessary information and requirements.
As a host or service provider with Gold Coast XP, we look for individuals or companies that offer unique and authentic experiences in Africa. Specific requirements may include having the necessary licenses, permits, and insurance, as well as a commitment to providing exceptional customer service.
Yes, as a host with Gold Coast XP, you can offer multiple services or activities, provided they align with our company’s values and meet the quality standards we uphold.
Gold Coast XP’s customers are typically interested in a wide range of services and activities in Africa. This includes wildlife safaris, cultural tours, adventure activities, nature hikes, culinary experiences, and community engagement initiatives.
Yes, as a host with Gold Coast XP, we have guidelines and quality standards in place to maintain consistency and ensure exceptional customer experiences. We will provide you with detailed guidelines and expectations during the partnership process.
The partnership process with Gold Coast XP involves an initial evaluation of your services or activities, followed by discussions on terms, commission structures, and mutual expectations. We aim to establish a collaborative and mutually beneficial partnership for both parties.
Gold Coast XP values customer feedback and reviews. We have a review system in place that allows customers to provide feedback on their experiences. We monitor and moderate the reviews to ensure authenticity and use them to improve the quality of our services.
As a host, you have control over setting the pricing for your services or activities. We can provide guidance based on market trends, competition, and customer preferences to help you determine fair and competitive pricing.
We have a flat commission rate of 10% for hosts, which may vary based on the type of service or activity offered. The specific commission details and fee structure will be discussed during the partnership process to ensure transparency and that we’ve reached a mutual agreement.
Gold Coast XP handles the payment process on behalf of our hosts. We have secure and reliable payment systems in place to ensure timely and accurate payments for the services or activities you provide.
Gold Coast XP invests in extensive marketing and promotion efforts to attract customers to your services or activities. This includes online marketing campaigns, social media presence, search engine optimization, and collaborations with travel influencers and industry partners. We strive to maximise exposure and generate bookings for our hosts

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