Top 7 Poolsides in Accra for a Refreshing Swim

Top 7 Poolsides in Accra for a Refreshing Swim

So, you’re looking for the perfect spot to unwind and have a refreshing swim in Accra, right? Well, you’re in luck, in this blog article we’re going to explore the top 7 Poolsides in Accra for a Refreshing Swim.

These are places where you can chill out, have a super fun swim, and maybe even make some new friends. So, grab your swimsuit, put on some sunscreen, and let’s dive into these poolsides together.

1. Splash Social Center

Splash Social Center in Accra is more than just a pool. It’s a cool place where people hang out, have fun, and make friends. The pool is big and clean, great for swimming or just chilling.

You can relax on comfy sun loungers, read a book, or enjoy the sun. There’s a bar with all kinds of drinks and a restaurant offering a range of delicious local and international dishes. And if you’re bored of swimming, there’s a games area with pool tables and other games.

  • Address: Nii Martey Tsuru St, Accra
  • Phone: 050 402 0227

With a 5-star rating from Sofie Tielbeke, she wrote ”Absolutely love this place! The swimming pool is very clean and big, which is perfect for people that like to swim. There’s a shallow and a deeper side of the pool, so good for both people with and without experience

2. Sandbox Beach Club

Sandbox Beach Club is an exceptional beachside experience that uplifts guests through multi-experiential dining, entertainment, and art. Located on the beautiful coastline of Accra, it’s a place where beautiful experiences never end.

This poolside has a range of amenities for everyone. From its Makosa African Kitchen to the Cienfuegos Cigar Club, Sandbox Beach Club offers a variety of experiences that transport you beyond the everyday. The club is also known for its unforgettable seafood cuisine.

But the best part? You can get a Pool Pass at Lake Club Ghana and swim in a crystal-clear pool that’s as good as any five-star resort. So come and see what all the fuss is about.

  • Address: 4th Otswe Street South, Accra
  • Phone: 027 781 8105

Dorothy Ooko who is a local guide, gave a 4-star rating and wrote ”Lovely place to chill out and listen to the waves… The service is great and the food is really good… I enjoyed the lobster pasta and the seafood salad. Beautiful place

3. Celebrity Poolside

Celebrity Poolside is a unique leisure spot in Accra that offers more than just a swimming experience. It’s a place where you can enjoy a refreshing swim, indulge in delicious local and continental food, and soak up the vibrant atmosphere.

What sets Celebrity Poolside apart from other poolsides in Accra is its combination of great amenities and a welcoming atmosphere. It features a swimming pool, a bar, and a restaurant. so there’s something for everyone. So why not check it out?

  • Address: Sakomono golf, Tema
  • Phone: 055 443 3385

With a 5-star rating from an impressed local guide, Daniel Agyepong who wrote ”Serene, easy-going workers and good food. Enjoyed swimming too so do try

4. OLMA Colonial Suites

OLMA Colonial Suites is a charming accommodation located in the heart of Accra. Offering a blend of modern comfort and colonial charm, it’s a place where guests can enjoy a relaxing stay.

One of the highlights of OLMA Colonial Suites is its outdoor pool. Surrounded by a beautiful garden, the pool offers a tranquil spot for guests to unwind and enjoy the warm Accra weather.

OLMA Colonial Suites offers a range of amenities that set it apart. Each suite is individually furnished and equipped with modern amenities such as LED televisions, refrigerators, and WiFi. 

  • Address: HR7F+842, Dadebu Rd, Accra
  • Phone: +233 54 966 6452

Louis Asante Yeboah gave a 5-star review and wrote ” I will recommend this place anytime any day..”

5. Airport View Hotel Swimming Pool

Airport View Hotel is a well-known establishment located in Accra, offering both outdoor and indoor pools. It’s not just a hotel, but a relaxation hub where guests can enjoy a refreshing swim, work out at the fitness center, and make use of the business facilities.

The hotel boasts of its excellent hygiene standards and properly treated water and has a range of amenities including a bar, a terrace, and an on-site restaurant open daily for all meals.

The air-conditioned rooms in the property are equipped with modern amenities like an electric kettle, a safe, a wardrobe, a desk, and a minibar.

  • Address: Dr Amilcar Cabral Rd, Accra
  • Phone: +233 202 252 244

With a 5-star rating from Emmanuel Boafo, he wrote ”So great a place, you need to visit there for an experience. Patronage is high because of the serene environment

6. Suncity Hotel Apartment

Suncity Hotel Apartment is a luxurious hotel apartment located in Accra with an outdoor infinity pool overlooking the beautiful city of Accra. The hotel also boasts a beautiful bar, it’s super fancy and the views are just amazing.

Each apartment of the hotel is individually furnished and equipped with modern amenities such as LED televisions, refrigerators, and WiFi with a range of amenities that sets it apart from other places.

  • Address: 144 La Rd, Accra
  • Phone: 054 012 4350

Ashley Love gave a 5-star and wrote ” Some friends and I decided to go and check out this Apartment/Hotel rooftop restaurant and pool. Amazing view , great staff they were very attentive and respectful

7. Number 1 Oxford Street Hotel & Suites

Number 1 Oxford Street Hotel & Suites is a luxurious 5-star hotel located in the thriving Osu neighborhood near Accra’s financial business district and government ministries, it has an outdoor swimming pool on the first floor which is an ideal spot for a few lengths or a splash. 

The hotel also boasts a modern French brasserie with a Mediterranean selection and its futuristic design aesthetic and elegant state-of-the-art units.

  • Address: 1 Oxford St, Accra
  • Phone: 059 692 0856

With a 5-star rating from Karen Koomson, who wrote ‘‘ This was an amazing experience, the place had everything. A gym, spa, poolside, the service was great. I loved their meals and the interior 😍” 

In this blog article, we’ve gone through the Top 7 Poolsides in Accra for a Refreshing Swim. From the vibrant atmosphere of Splash Social Center to the luxurious experience at Sandbox Beach Club, the unique charm of Celebrity Poolside, the colonial elegance of OLMA Colonial Suites.

The convenience of Airport View Hotel’s swimming pool, the luxury of Suncity Hotel Apartment, and the modern comfort of Number 1 Oxford Street Hotel & Suites – each offers a unique experience that caters to different tastes and preferences.

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