The Top Unique Things to Do in Dakar

The Top Unique Things to Do in Dakar

Looking to dance to a different beat? Escape the ordinary and unlock Dakar’s extraordinary rhythms. This Senegalese capital, Dakar, boogies to its vibrant beat as the westernmost point of Africa.

Tempting travelers with a treasure chest of mesmerizing experiences such as exploring African art, and visiting Goree Island transports you back in time to markets bursting with vibrant local culture, Dakar hits all the high notes.

Join our inside track as we reveal the top unique things to do in this diverse city. Dakar’s hidden gems are ready to astonish – will you heed their irresistible call?

Discovering Dakar’s History

Dakar, a city steeped in history, offers a wealth of historical sites that tell the story of its past. Let’s embark on a journey through time as we explore these historical landmarks and key attractions in Dakar.

Visit the House of Slaves on Gorée Island

Gorée Island, a mere 20-minute ferry ride from Dakar, is a place that echoes the haunting history of the Atlantic slave trade. The island’s most significant site is the House of Slaves, a poignant reminder of the human cost of slavery.

The Stunning Goree Island
The Stunning Goree Island

As you step through the “Door of No Return,” you’ll be transported back in time, feeling the weight of history in every stone. This visit is not just about looking back, but also about understanding and acknowledging the past to build a better future.

Immersing in Dakar’s Vibrant Culture

Experience the beating heart of Dakar culture at the vibrant Dakar Plateau downtown, where tradition meets modernity.

Experience the Dakar Plateau

Immerse yourself in Dakar’s vibrant rhythm at the pulsing Dakar Plateau downtown, where modernity and tradition blend seamlessly.

The Dakar Plateau, home to the Presidential Palace, embassies, and more
The Dakar Plateau, home to the Presidential Palace, embassies, and more

The streets come alive with the beats of Sabar drums, the aromas of sizzling Yassa Poulet, and colorful murals that tell the tales of the city.

Visit the Village des Arts

For a deeper dive into Senegalese art, head to the Village des Arts. This artist colony is home to many artists, each with their unique style and story.

As you wander through the studios, you’ll see an array of creativity, from abstract paintings that challenge your perception to sculptures that breathe life into metal and stone. The Village des Arts is a testament to the thriving art scene in Dakar.

Tasting Dakar’s Unique Cuisine

Tantalize your taste buds by savoring the rich flavors of Dakar’s distinctive culinary treasures.

Try the National Dish: Thieboudienne

If you want to taste the soul of Senegal, look no further than Thieboudienne. This hearty dish, often considered the national dish of Senegal, is a flavorful combination of fish, rice, and vegetables, simmered together with a blend of aromatic spices.

Each bite is a celebration of Senegalese culture and tradition, a culinary journey that takes you to the heart of Dakar. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself asking for seconds!

Experiencing Dakar’s Natural Beauty

Revel in Dakar’s scenic splendor by exploring the city’s breathtaking beaches, tranquil lakes, and picturesque nature reserves.

Visit the Pink Lake: Lake Retba

Just an hour’s drive from Dakar, you’ll find a natural wonder that seems to be straight out of a fairy tale – Lake Retba, or as it’s more commonly known, the Pink Lake.

This unique body of water gets its distinctive rosy hue from a type of algae that thrives in its high-salinity waters.

The Stunning Lake Retba, named for its pink waters caused by Dunaliella salina algae
The Stunning Lake Retba, named for its pink waters caused by Dunaliella salina algae

The sight of the pink lake against the backdrop of the clear blue sky is a spectacle that will leave you spellbound. Don’t forget to bring your camera!

Explore the Niokolo-Koba National Park

For nature lovers, a visit to the Niokolo-Koba National Park is a must. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is a haven for biodiversity, home to over 80 species of mammals and many species of birds.

The Niokolo Koba National Park
The Niokolo Koba National Park

As you explore the park, you might catch a glimpse of elephants, leopards, and even lions! The park is a testament to Senegal’s commitment to conservation and a paradise for wildlife enthusiasts.

Visit Les Mamelles Lighthouse at sunrise

Start your day with a breathtaking view of the sunrise from the Les Mamelles Lighthouse. Perched on one of the two volcanic hills known as “Les Mamelles,” this lighthouse offers panoramic views of Dakar and the Atlantic Ocean.

Les Mamelles Lighthouse
Les Mamelles Lighthouse

The sight of the sun rising over the city as the lighthouse stands guard is a serene experience that perfectly encapsulates the natural beauty of Dakar.

Engaging in Dakar’s Lively Music Scene

Dance the night away and revel in Dakar’s infectious beats by immersing yourself in the city’s vibrant live music and club scene.

Attend a Sabar Drumming Session

If you want to feel the pulse of Dakar, there’s no better way than attending a Sabar drumming session. Sabar, a traditional Senegalese drum, is more than just a musical instrument.

Sabar drumming session
Sabar drumming session

it’s a medium of communication, a celebration of community spirit. The rhythmic beats of the Sabar, each telling a unique story, will make your heart race and your feet tap.

Shopping in Dakar’s Colorful Markets

Unearth hidden treasures and haggle for deals in Dakar’s dynamic markets overflowing with vibrant handmade crafts and textiles.

Visit the Marché Kermel Market, a must-visit attraction in Dakar.

Marché Kermel Market, located in the heart of Dakar, is a feast for the senses. This bustling market is filled with a vibrant array of fruits, vegetables, spices, and local delicacies.

Kermel Market 1
The Marché Kermel

As you navigate through the labyrinth of stalls, you’ll be greeted by the friendly banter of vendors, each proudly showcasing their fresh produce. Don’t forget to try the juicy mangoes, they’re a local favorite!

Explore the Soumbedioune Fish Market

Next, make your way to the Soumbedioune Fish Market. This seaside market is a spectacle of its own, with fishermen hauling in their fresh catch of the day.

Soumbedioune Fish Market 2
Soumbedioune Fish Market

From grouper to barracuda, the variety of seafood on offer is astounding. The market also offers a unique opportunity to witness the age-old tradition of fish auctioning.

Adventurous Activities in Dakar

Get your adrenaline pumping by embarking on thrilling adventures in and around Dakar, from surfing its legendary waves to off-roading across rugged landscapes.

Go Surfing in Ngor or Yoff

For the thrill-seekers, Dakar offers some of the best surfing spots in West AfricaNgor and Yoff are two such spots, known for their consistent waves and friendly local surf community.

A young man surfing
A young man surfing the waves

Whether you’re a seasoned surfer or a beginner looking to catch your first wave, these beaches offer an unforgettable surfing experience. So grab your surfboard and ride the waves!

Go Ziplining at Accrobaobab Adventure

If you’re looking for an adrenaline rush, head to Accrobaobab Adventure for an exhilarating ziplining experience.

Nestled among the majestic Baobab trees, this adventure park offers a unique opportunity to soar through the treetops and get a bird’s eye view of the stunning landscape.

Dakar is a city of hidden gems, each one being a unique attraction waiting to be discovered. So, we encourage you to pack your bags, lace up your adventure shoes, and set off on your journey through the best things to do in Dakar.

Remember, the real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes. So, open your eyes to the wonders of Dakar, and let the city reveal its secrets to you.

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