10 Popular Hangout Places In South Africa For Fun Times

10 Popular Hangout Places In South Africa For Fun Times

South Africa is a country that leaves a lasting impression on everyone who visits, with cities like Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town, and more, It’s the spirit of fun and adventure that’s present in every corner of the country.

And if you’re looking for the chillest hangout spots for good vibes, relaxation, adventure, and everything in between you’re in for a treat! Join me as we explore the 10 Popular Hangout Places In South Africa For Fun Times. Let’s get started.

1. Long Street, Cape Town

In Cape Town, there’s this awesome street called Long Street. It’s right in the city’s heart and is super famous for its nightlife.

The street goes on for more than three kilometers and has everything from places to grab a bite, to cool bars, and even places to shop for vintage stuff. At night, it’s like the street wakes up even more. 

The clubs and bars play loud music, and the whole place feels alive with energy. It’s kind of like those big party streets you hear about in other cities.

Some people think it’s too much, but others love it and say it’s where you can feel the energy of Cape Town at night.

Here are some popular spots on Long Street:

Hangout SpotDescription
Cafe MojitoA spot with an Afro-Latino vibe, offering cocktails and traditional South African dishes. Popular among both locals and tourists.
Tjing Tjing Rooftop BarA laid-back bar with cocktails, beer, wine, and music, perfect for relaxing and enjoying the nightlife.
Clarke’s Bar & Dining RoomA place with a chill atmosphere serving some of the city’s tastiest burgers.
BeerhouseKnown for its extensive selection of 99 different local and international beers, a paradise for beer lovers.

2. Table Mountain, Cape Town

Table Mountain is this giant flat mountain that looks over Cape Town. It’s famous because it’s shaped like a table and sometimes gets covered in clouds, which people call the “table cloth.” You can see the whole city and the sea from up there. 

There are numerous activities to enjoy on and around Table Mountain, it has an Aerial Cableway that takes visitors to the top of the mountain, where they can enjoy stunning panoramic views.

For the more adventurous, you’ll be happy to know that there are plenty of hiking trails that will lead you to the top of Table Mountain.

3. Capital Craft, Pretoria

If you’re into beer, you’ll love Capital Craft in Pretoria. It’s not just a bar; it’s like a beer adventure park outside, with tons of craft beers to taste.

Located in Greenlyn Village Centre, it’s got a super chill vibe where you can hang out with friends, try some of the best local brews, and eat delicious food that makes the beer even better.

The outdoor setting is perfect for relaxing, catching some rays during the day, or feeling the cool breeze at night.

4. Planet Bar, Cape Town

At the Mount Nelson Hotel, there’s this stylish bar called Planet Bar that’s really popular in Cape Town. It’s got a mix of old and new styles, with fancy decorations and comfy seats.

It’s also Cape Town’s first champagne bar, offering a massive selection of French Champagnes, Sparkling Wines, an international selection of Red and White Wines, and Rosé Wines.

The cocktails, priced between R40 and R100, are a mix of classics, some with a twist, and several special creations dreamt up by the Planet mixologist.

5. Mad Giant, Johannesburg

If you’re ever in Johannesburg and like craft beer, you’ve got to check out Mad Giant. It’s a bar where they do things differently and make their beer.

The place has a fun, playful design with big metal structures, and it’s in a part of the city that’s getting a new lease on life.

They’re famous for their fresh, on-site brewed beers, and they’re so good that they’ve won several awards for their beer, including Best Beer in Africa at the 2018 IBD African Beer Awards for its American pale ale Killer Hop.

6. Centurion Mall, Centurion

Centurion Mall is a giant shopping playground in Centurion with tons of stores – over 220, the mall boasts iconic architectural features that extend to the open-air Spine area, creating a unique indoor and outdoor shopping experience.

Shoppers are spoilt for choice with a wide array of local and international shops to choose from, including Woolworths, Checkers, Pick n Pay, Game, Shoprite, H&M, Cotton on, McDonald’s, Château Gâteaux, Big Blue, Starbucks, and many more.

7. The Gin Bar, Cape Town

The Gin Bar is a super-secret place in Cape Town that you can only find by going through a chocolate shop. It’s like a hidden treasure! It has a big, open space with high ceilings and lots of fresh air, making it a cool spot to hang out safely.

The Bar’s focus is on gin. It boasts an impressive collection of over 140 gins on its menu, including more than 80 local, South African gins.

Although It also offers a selection of wine, beer, and other spirits. This wide selection caters to anyone who wants a cool place to relax and hang out, from the curious beginners to the seasoned connoisseurs.

8. Joe Cool’s, Durban

Joe Cool’s is a fun restaurant and pub right on the beach in Durban. It’s super popular and always full of life, especially on Fridays and the weekend. It has an outdoor area where you can feel the ocean breeze, and it’s a good place to go no matter how much money you want to spend.

Joe Cool’s serves up delicious cuisine, offering a variety of dishes such as cheeseburgers, calamari, and platters. Their pizzas are highly recommended, and they have a great selection of soft drinks and wines on the menu.

9. Tiger’s Milk, Durban

Tiger’s Milk is a liked spot that you can find all over the city. It’s known for being welcoming and has a bunch of different craft beers to try.

It’s a trendy place where folks of any age can hang out, grab a yummy bite, or just chill with a cool drink after a long day at school or work.

One of the unique offerings of Tiger’s Milk is their locally-made craft beer, aptly named Tiger’s Milk Lager. This proudly South African beer is carefully crafted to match the menu, offering the perfect blend of flavors.

10. Brampton Wine Studio, Stellenbosch

In the busy part of Stellenbosch, there’s a place called Brampton Wine Studio. It’s a winery, but it’s also a place where you can have a lot of fun and see lots of creative stuff.

They have award-winning wines you can taste, yummy little dishes, and famous flatbreads to eat, and you can even try their beer that comes straight from the tap.

The studio is known for its focus on local wines, especially Shiraz and Roxton. The Shiraz is sultry and evocative, making a serious style statement.

So, are you ready to visit any of these places with your loved ones? There’s so much fun and good vibes in South Africa waiting for you.

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