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Shark Cage Diving Cape Town

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The mesmerizing azure depths of False Bay captivate your senses. With anticipation, you gaze into the ocean, observing the rhythmic waves as you embark on your shark cage diving adventure in Cape Town. In these shark-inhabited waters, a rich tapestry of wildlife unfolds around you: Southern Right whales gracefully exhale through their blowholes, playful African Penguins entertain, and countless pods of Common Dolphins energetically patrol, hunting for schools of fish. However, the creatures you most eagerly anticipate encountering are always solitary, masterpieces of evolution perfectly adapted to their environment. Suddenly, a swift movement catches your eye – a subtle glimmer, a glimpse of gleaming white teeth, and a robust, agile body. Could it be? You’ve waited so long for this moment. These remarkable waters are home to an array of shark species, including the Bronze Whaler shark, the seven-gill shark, Blue and Mako sharks, with occasional sightings of the awe-inspiring Great White shark. Regardless of the species, this experience will transform your perspective in ways unimaginable. Please note that our shark encounters vary throughout the year, influenced by seasons, weather, water temperature, and other factors. Trip confirmations depend on weather conditions and are not specific to a particular shark species.   NB: The minimum age for this activity is 8 years old to board and 10 years to cage dive.


Shark Cage Diving Cape Town

Upon arrival at the Apex Shark Expeditions Centre in Simon’s Town, the friendly crew welcomes you aboard the White Pointer II. Get acquainted with essential safety guidelines and receive a detailed briefing on the potential shark sightings for the day.

Depart from Simon’s Town and embark on an exciting boat journey into False Bay. The ride takes approximately 25 minutes, with the possibility of extending to around 50 minutes if Cape Point is chosen as the expedition location.

Arrive at the designated anchor point, carefully chosen based on weather conditions and shark activity. The experienced crew selects the optimal spot to attract sharks to the vessel, ensuring a remarkable wildlife encounter.

Watch as the shark cage is safely deployed, floating securely next to the boat. Under the crew’s expert guidance, observe shark behavior closely. Bait is strategically placed to attract sharks, allowing for identification, observation, and optional cage diving opportunities.

Engage in responsible and non-invasive methods of observing local shark populations, studying their interactions with other marine life. This information contributes to ongoing scientific research for the conservation of marine wildlife.

For those interested in cage diving, receive comprehensive safety instructions and have the opportunity to enter the shark cage. However, the sharks often come remarkably close to the boat, offering excellent views for guests who prefer to observe from the vessel.

Head back to Simon’s Town harbor, relishing the memories of your thrilling shark encounter. Upon return, enjoy tea and coffee at the shark center. Explore our range of shark-related merchandise and discover familiar faces on our wall of fame.

Offsite shower facilities are available for an additional fee. Please request this service upon booking if desired. Please note that the total duration of the expedition is approximately 3 to 4 hours, subject to weather conditions and shark activity. Your safety, comfort, and enjoyment are our top priorities throughout the adventure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, 8 years old to board and 10 years to cage dive.

Shark cage diving in Cape Town offers a distinctive encounter due to the diverse range of shark species inhabiting the surrounding waters, including bronze whaler sharks, seven-gill, mako, and blue sharks. Another unique aspect is the proximity of the dive site to Seal Island, home to 65,000 cape fur seals. Weather permitting, a tour around the island after the shark cage diving trip enhances the diversity of marine life one can observe on a single excursion.

The duration of a shark cage diving tour varies based on the operator and dive site location, typically lasting between 3-4 hours from start to finish, inclusive of travel time to and from the site. The number of participants on the boat depends on the boat’s size and the specific tour operator. Most boats used for shark cage diving can accommodate between 20-40 people. Some operators, like Apex Shark Expeditions, prioritize small groups to offer an intimate experience with fewer participants.

Shark cage diving in Cape Town supports shark conservation by raising awareness about shark importance through observing them in their natural habitat. Operators like Apex record valuable data on sharks and the environment during each trip, contributing to scientific research and conservation. To support these efforts, choose a responsible tour operator, educate yourself about shark conservation, minimize your environmental impact, and consider donating to organizations like the Shark Research Institute dedicated to shark conservation.

Swimsuit: Wear a swimsuit under your clothes for easy changing into the provided wetsuit. If you’re sensitive to cold, consider a second skin. Sun Protection: Bring sunscreen, lip balm, a hat, and sunglasses to shield your skin and eyes from the sun. Warm Clothing: Dress in layers, especially during winter months (June-August), as the water might be relatively warm but the air can be chilly. Towel: Bring a towel for drying off after the dive. Waterproof Camera: Capture the underwater experience with a waterproof camera or GoPro. Seasickness Medication: If prone to seasickness, take medication or use sea bands to prevent discomfort.

Shark cage diving in Cape Town is generally safe when conducted responsibly. Operators follow strict safety protocols, including employing experienced guides, providing sturdy cages and life jackets, offering comprehensive safety briefings, monitoring weather conditions, and adhering to a code of conduct promoting responsible shark tourism practices. Participants’ safety and enjoyment are top priorities, ensuring a secure and thrilling experience.


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