Exploring The Stilt Village of Nzulenzu, Ghana

Exploring The Stilt Village of Nzulenzu, Ghana

Ever thought of a village where you need a canoe to visit your neighbor? That’s what life is like in Nzulenzu, a special village in Ghana. Here, houses aren’t on land, but on water. People don’t walk or drive to get around; they paddle in canoes.

In this blog, we’re going on a trip to Nzulenzu. We’ll check out the cool stilt houses, sights to see, and learn about their amazing culture. We’ll see how they’ve adapted to living on water and how they live in harmony with nature.

So, are you ready for an awesome adventure? Grab your paddle, hop into the canoe, and let’s explore Nzulenzu, the village where you need a canoe to visit your neighbor! Let’s begin paddling.

Experiencing Nzulenzu

Getting to Nzulenzu from Accra

Embarking on a journey to Nzulenzu from Accra is an adventure in itself. The most common route is to make your way to Takoradi, a city located in the Western region of Ghana. Takoradi is about five hours away from Accra, and Nzulenzu is a total of seven hours away. You have several options to reach Nzulenzu:

  • Taking A VIP Bus: This is a popular and affordable option for many travelers.
  • Flying with Passion Air or Africa World Airlines: If you prefer a faster and more comfortable journey, flying is an excellent option.
  • Hiring A Private Driver: For a more personalized experience, you can hire a private driver.
  • Buying A STC Bus Ticket: Another option is to take the State Transport Company (STC) bus

What to Expect When You Visit

Visiting Nzulenzu is like stepping into a different world. It stands on wooden stilts above the Amansuri river, with a single walkway connecting the houses on both sides. To reach it, you have to take a 5km canoe ride on the river.


Once you arrive, you’ll be taken to the visitors’ center where you will have the option for a canoe ride or a motor boat. You will have a tour of the village, experience the rustic lives of the people, go boat riding, and learn canoe fishing. The food provided will be delicious and freshly grown from organic crops.

Must-See Sights in Nzulenzu

Nzulenzu is a unique village in Ghana that offers several must-see sights:

nzulezu 8
  • Stilt Houses: The most striking feature of Nzulenzu is the wooden houses built on stilts, about five feet above Lake Tadane.
  • Lake Tadane: The village is built on this lake, and the gentle murmur of its waters adds to the tranquil ambiance of the place.
  • Community Life: Experience the daily life of the Nzulenzu people, from children going to school to fishermen casting their nets.
  • Local Crafts: The village is known for its local art and crafts.
  • Nzulezo Stilt Village Tour: This tour gives you a comprehensive view of the village, its history, and its people.

The Surrounding Nature

The serene ambiance of the surrounding landscape, coupled with the general activities of life on stilts points to a dynamic relationship between man and nature.

nzulezu 3

The one-hour dugout canoe trip from the Beyin visitor center to Nzulenzu passes through a pristine series of marshes, swamp forest (one of the largest stands left in Ghana), and open pools rich with wildlife, including crocodiles, egrets, heron, and kingfishers.

Life in Nzulenzu

Daily Life in the Stilt Village

Life in Nzulenzu is a testament to human adaptability and resilience. The village, with a population of about 600 people, is a vibrant community where life thrives above the gentle ripples of Lake Tadane. The stilt-propped pathways of Nzulenzu are more than just wooden structures; they are like the veins of a living community.

In this unique environment, all activities such as the pounding of fufu (a traditional meal), schooling, worship, baptisms, and burials are carried out on the lake.

It is said that the lake averts possible disasters such as fire outbreaks. The people of Nzulenzu still adhere to traditional norms and taboos. For instance, Thursday is a sacred day on the lake, and on this day, the villagers do not engage in any strenuous activity.

The Role of Fishing and Farming

The main occupations in Nzulenzu are farming and fishing. The lake provides a vital source of food and water for the community. Fishing plays a secondary role, supplementing the villagers’ diet and providing an additional source of income.

Farming, on the other hand, is carried out on nearby land. The villagers grow a variety of crops, providing them with a stable food supply and an opportunity to trade with neighboring communities.

Accommodation in Nzulenzu

Places to Stay Near Nzulenzu

If you prefer to stay on solid ground, several hotels near Nzulenzu offer comfortable accommodation. These include:

maaha beach
  • Maaha Beach Resort: A luxury resort offering a range of amenities including a beachfront, pool, and restaurant.
  • Karda Hotel and Resort: A mid-range hotel with comfortable rooms and a friendly staff.
  • Beyin Beach Resort: A budget-friendly option located near the beach.

Visiting Nzulenzu is more than just a trip; it’s an experience that opens your eyes to a different way of life. It’s a chance to learn about a unique culture, witness human adaptability firsthand, and be part of a sustainable tourism initiative.

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