Escape To Akosombo: A 2-Day Tour of Nature, Adventure, and Luxury

Escape To Akosombo: A 2-Day Tour of Nature, Adventure, and Luxury

Looking for an adrenaline rush blended with the beauty of nature? Get ready for an unforgettable 2-day ”Escape to Akosombo” tour packed with heart-pounding adventures against the backdrop of Ghana’s majestic Volta region. 

Brace yourself for a whirlwind of excitement as you dive headfirst into a curated experience that promises not just a getaway, but a breathtaking journey in a land of pure nature.

In this post, I will share with you everything you need to know about Akosombo, the town that hosts the tour, and why it is a hidden gem in Ghana. You will discover the history, attractions, and tips for visiting Akosombo, and how to enjoy the best of nature, adventure, and luxury on this tour.

What is Akosombo and Why You Should Visit

Akosombo is a town in southeastern Ghana, located on the Volta River. In the 1960s, the Akosombo Dam was constructed here, forming Lake Volta – the largest man-made lake in the world.

People on a boat having fun
People smiling all over as they pose for a picture on a boat

Visiting Akosombo allows you to:

  • Take in the breathtaking scenery of Lake Volta and the surrounding hills
  • Learn about the history of the Akosombo Dam
  • Experience outdoor adventures like kayaking, hiking, and more
  • Relax at luxurious lakeside resorts

With its combination of natural beauty, fascinating history, adventures, and luxury accommodations, Akosombo is an ideal getaway in Ghana

How to Join the Escape To Akosombo Tour

Looking for an effortless way to see Akosombo’s highlights in just 2 days? Join the Escape to Akosombo tour, offering an expertly guided experience tailor-made for adventure-seekers.

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This whirlwind 2-day, 1-night tour packs Akosombo’s natural and cultural treasures into an accessible, unforgettable getaway. Professional guides lead the way as you:

  • Paddle a kayak along lush vegetation
  • Hike 2 km to Akwamu Hills
  • Play paintball on Trident Island
  • Trek panoramic hills and trails
  • Cruise Lake Volta by boat
Escape To Akosombo: A 2-Day Tour of Nature, Adventure, and Luxury
Hiker having fun

Experience the thrill of Akosombo without the hassle of planning the details. All transportation, equipment, accommodation, and meals are arranged for you. Just show up ready for adrenaline-pumping fun!

Booking is easy online through Gold Coast XP. Simply:

  1. Visit
  2. Click “Tours” and select “Escape to Akosombo”
  3. Click on ‘reserve’ to book the tour
Man playing fun games with friends
Man playing fun games with friends

Space is limited to maximize your experience, so secure your spot today! Find additional details on the 2-day itinerary, inclusions, and more at the Escape to Akosombo tour page. This unforgettable getaway awaits – book

What to See and Do in Akosombo

Akosombo provides diverse attractions from scenic nature to exciting adventures and culture.

  • Akosombo Dam – Visit this impressive dam and learn about its history and impact on the Volta River.
  • Lake Volta Boat Tours – Cruise the lake spotting wildlife like hippos and exotic birds.
  • Adrenaline Activities – Get your heart pumping with abseiling, kayaking, paintball, and more.
  • Hiking – Trek to panoramic viewpoints overlooking Akosombo.
  • Botanical Gardens – Stroll through gardens displaying unique tropical plants and flowers.

With stunning scenery, adventures, and glimpses into local life, Akosombo provides something for every traveler. 

Where to Stay and Eat in Akosombo

Akosombo has varied accommodation and dining options from luxury resorts to budget guesthouses.


The Royal Senchi Resort is the premier place to stay. This 4-star resort on Lake Volta has beautiful rooms, pools, a spa, and more.

The Volta Hotel is a nice mid-range option near the dam with cozy rooms and a bar.

Budget travelers can consider Aylos Bay Guesthouse which offers simple lakefront rooms.


The Royal Senchi Resort’s restaurant serves delicious local cuisine like tilapia fish and banku along with international fare.

tilapia fish and banku
Tilapia fish and banku

For cheap bites, check out the street food stalls selling kebabs, fried yams, and roasted plantains.

Local eateries offer traditional dishes like fufu, light soup, and jollof rice immersed in Ghanaian culture.

With options ranging from luxury resorts to budget-friendly guesthouses and local eateries, Akosombo can accommodate any travel style and budget.

Getting To and Around Akosombo

Akosombo is accessible overland from Accra, with ways to get around town.

From Accra:

  • Bus – Frequent buses take around 2 hours and cost ~10 cedis
  • Car – Drive or take a taxi in 1.5 hours for ~100 cedis

Please note that the prices in this blog are current as of the writing date, but they may fluctuate in the future.

In Akosombo:

  • Walking – Attractions are close together for walking
  • Biking – Rent a bike to explore at your own pace
  • Boating – Cruise the lake and river by boat

Akosombo is easy to reach overland from Accra by bus or car. Once in town, attractions are accessible on foot, bike, or boat depending on how you want to experience this scenic destination. Joining an organized tour like Escape To Akosombo takes care of the transportation logistics for you.

When to Visit Akosombo and What to Pack

The best time to visit Akosombo is during the dry season from March to November. This period has sunny, warm weather perfect for sightseeing along with fewer mosquitoes and wildlife concentrated near the water.

The rainy season from April to October is greener and cooler but with more rain, flooding potential, and mosquitoes.

Pack light, breathable clothing like shorts, t-shirts, and sandals. Bring a hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen to protect against the strong sun.

Don’t forget your swimsuit, towel, and camera to enjoy the water activities and capture photos.

Evenings and early mornings can be cool so pack a sweater or light jacket. Sturdy shoes are recommended for hiking.

Carry a daypack for water, snacks, and other essentials when out exploring.

By planning your visit during the ideal dry season and packing smartly, you’ll be ready to make the most of your Akosombo adventure!

The Adome Bridge and Its Attractions

The Adome Bridge is located near Akosombo spanning the Volta River. Built in the 1980s, this bridge is an important regional link.

The Adome Bridge provides spectacular views of the Volta River and Akosombo Dam. Nearby attractions include:

  • Atimpoku Market – A lively market selling fresh produce, fish, and souvenirs.
  • Adome Royal Hotel – A hotel overlooking the bridge offering hospitality and local cuisine.

Other area sights include the Boti Falls and the Volta Regional Museum displaying history and culture.

The Adome Bridge makes accessing these attractions easy. Its vantage point of the river and dam against the hilly backdrop is stunning. No visit to Akosombo is complete without seeing this landmark bridge and surrounding sights.

Learn a few local Twi phrases like “Akwaaba” (welcome) and “Medaase” (thank you) to connect with locals. Even just a greeting is appreciated. 

I hope this post has showcased why Akosombo is such a captivating destination in Ghana. From scenic natural beauty to exciting outdoor adventures and fascinating history, Akosombo has so much to offer.

The best way to experience all the highlights in just 2 days is by joining the Escape To Akosombo tour. This jam-packed itinerary led by expert guides takes you abseiling, kayaking, hiking, and more against the breathtaking backdrop of Lake Volta.

Don’t miss this opportunity to escape to Akosombo and experience the best of nature, adventure, and luxury. Visit Gold Coast XP today and book the tour for yourself and your loved ones. I hope yo


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