7 Best Pizza Restaurants in Accra: For Any Budget or Occasion

7 Best Pizza Restaurants in Accra: For Any Budget or Occasion

From casual snacks to cherished comfort food, pizza has won over Ghanaians one cheesy, saucy slice at a time, as more people tend to ask for half-pepperoni and half-margarita when ordering their pizzas. But with so many options in Accra, finding a top-notch pizza can be tough. You want quality ingredients, variety, fast service, and ambiance — no mediocre pizza.

I’ve compiled the definitive best 7 pizza joints in Accra, from my personal taste tests. From cheap family deals to gourmet, these spots deliver quality, variety, service, and setting.

I’ll highlight the unique features of each, with key details like location, hours, contact, and reviews. Whether you’re craving a quick budget bite or a luxurious foodie feast, these are the 7 pizzerias you need to know. Read on and get ready to satisfy your pizza dreams!

1. Mamma Mia: The OG Pizza Paradise 

Nestled away in the heart of Legon is the one and only Mamma Mia Pizzeria, Accra’s original woodfired pizza paradise going strong since 2002. This hidden gem located on 8th Lane has been serving up authentic Italian pies Tuesday-Sunday 5 pm-10 pm for over two decades.

Stepping inside instantly transports you to Italy with the nostalgic aroma of pies baking in their old-world woodfired oven. My brother and I sank our teeth into two piping hot pizzas – his loaded Capricciosa with a medley of meats and veggies, and my rich Parmigiana pasta baked to perfection. Absolute heaven in every bite!

Our friendly server glided between tables like she was on wheels, offering excellent recommendations from their extensive menu of Italian classics. While the prices are a tad high, the premium quality ingredients and clear passion they pour into each dish make Mamma Mia worth every Cedi.

I quickly called 054 766 9492 to make reservations for my next visit. So if you’re craving the true taste of Italy without leaving Accra, head straight to Legon and let Mamma Mia transport you to pizza paradise. One bite of their seasoned crisp crust and zesty homemade tomato sauce will have you saying “Mamma Mia!” too.

This OG pizzeria has perfected its craft over decades and delivers an experience that keeps loyal regulars coming back year after year. Do like the locals and make Mamma Mia your go-to for sensational pizza in the city!

2. La Piazza: A Taste of Italy in Accra

Craving an escape to Italy without leaving Accra? Make a beeline to La Piazza located on Embassy Road in Osu, open daily from 11 am-11:30 pm. From the checkered tablecloths to the aromas of garlic and fresh basil, La Piazza envelops you in Italy’s essence from the moment you step inside.

I settled into a cozy booth and let their menu of authentic pasta, pizza, and antipasti whisk me away. I started with a ripe and delicious caprese salad paired with a smooth glass of Chianti. Next came melt-in-your-mouth spinach and ricotta ravioli swimming in a rich tomato sauce – Bellissimo! I soaked up every last drop with La Piazza’s warm garlic bread.

By the time my silky tiramisu arrived, I was nearly full but couldn’t resist indulging in the divine espresso-soaked dessert. From start to finish, La Piazza delivered an unforgettable Italian dining experience without ever having to leave Accra. I quickly visited their website to make a reservation for my next visit. Like many happy customers, I agree La Piazza offers a “unique dining experience with authentic Italian cuisine and a cozy atmosphere.”

3. Papa’s Pizza: Ghana’s Favorite Pizza Fix (Osu)

When pizza cravings hit in Accra, I head straight to Papa’s Pizza located in Trinity House Osu, open daily from 10 am to 12 am. Walking in, the heavenly aroma of fresh dough baking envelops you instantly. I ordered their signature loaded pizza piled high with pepperoni, chicken, bacon, and extra cheese.

One bite and I was in cheesy bliss! The thin, crisp crust provides the perfect base for the medley of savory meats and melty cheese. While the marinara sauce is lighter than typical American pizzas, it allows the delicious toppings to take center stage. The addition of chicken gives it a uniquely Ghanaian flair.

Papa’s Pizza offers convenience without compromising on quality ingredients and flavor. Unlike the American chains, each pizza has its own distinctive local vibe that keeps me coming back. Whether you opt for dine-in or delivery, Papa’s Pizza hits the spot when cravings hit.

I quickly called their number 024 575 3265 to put in an order for delivery. With multiple branches across Accra, it’s my trusted go-to for a fast, fresh pizza fix with a hint of Ghanaian soul.

4. Cheezzy Pizza: Formerly Eddys Pizza

After a long day with two restless kids, I knew I needed to lift our spirits fast. So I turned to the melt-in-your-mouth magic of Cheezzy Pizza Ring Road, open daily from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m. Walking in, that familiar aroma awakened even my little ones’ bellies.

While they giggled over customizing their toppings, I savored the perfection of a classic margherita pizza. The crisp yet chewy crust, velvety tomato sauce, and gooey mozzarella brought me right back to my days in Italy.

With each flavorful bite, I could feel the stress of the day slipping away. Cheezzy Pizza’s cozy vibes, quick service, and quality ingredients never fail to lift our spirits and bring us together as a family.

Their attention to detail and passion for authentic pizza shines through in every slice. I quickly called 055 249 8103 to place an order for delivery the next time cravings hit!

5. Pizza Hut East Legon: Celebrating Life’s Little Victories

After our football team pulled off a thrilling win, we knew the celebration was in order. So our excited and elated group crowded into Pizza Hut East Legon to keep the good vibes going over piping hot pizza. This local Pizza Hut franchise is conveniently located in the A&C Shell Service Station on Boundary Rd, open daily from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m.

Debating toppings, we each designed our perfect pizza to please every palate. With the first gooey, cheesy bite, satisfaction spread as fast as the laughter and smiles. Pizza Hut’s crisp crust and balanced flavors blended beautifully, lifting our spirits even higher.

In their vibrant, welcoming booths, we let loose and got a little silly, making memories over basic pies. It’s places like this that allow friendships to deepen and life’s little victories to be savored.

Pizza Hut’s hospitality makes you feel less like a customer and more like an old friend. Their cozy community spirit nourishes the soul as much as the taste buds. No matter how humble the occasion, Pizza Hut East Legon is the perfect place to gather, celebrate, and reconnect over life’s simple shared pleasures.

We loved our celebratory experience so much, that I checked their website to leave a rave review. Like fellow customer Esther said, their “pizzas and service delivery was on point, great customer service!”

6. Pizza Inn – West Hills Mall: An Exquisite Pizza Journey

Stepping into Pizza Inn West Hills Mall envelops you in an ambiance of pizza perfection. Open Monday-Sunday 9 am-10 pm, the irresistible aroma entices as you explore their treasure trove of flavors.

From timeless classics like pepperoni to deluxe creations piled high and supreme delights loaded with toppings, Pizza Inn caters to every craving. I opted for convenient delivery through Bolt Food and soon held a masterpiece – crisp on the bottom, oozing with cheese on top.

With each delightful bite, my taste buds embarked on an exquisite pizza journey. From the fluffy crust to the secret spice blend, Pizza Inn has perfected the art of pizza. Their event space provides a festive atmosphere for any occasion, while complimentary parking adds to the ease.

Pizza Inn West Hills Mall is a slice of pizza paradise in Accra. Take your palate on an indulgent voyage and experience pizza nirvana today by calling 024 958 9402 for delivery or booking their venue. Your happy taste buds will thank you!

7. Papa’s Pizza Ring Road: A Slice of Ghanaian Delight

Stepping into Papa’s Pizza Ring Road instantly enveloped my senses with the heavenly aroma of pizzas fresh from the oven. This locally owned pizza purveyor masters the art of pizza-making with the freshest ingredients sourced right here in Ghana.

Their diverse menu featured familiar options like pepperoni and Hawaiian pies, I opted for the Supreme loaded with a medley of meats and veggies over a thin, crispy crust. That first mouthwatering bite was a celebration of Papa’s passion for quality and community.

Between the crave-able pies, wings, subs, pasta, and more, Papa’s offers a taste of Ghana in every order. Located conveniently at So Energy Filling Station opposite SGSSB on Ring Road, this pizza joint values customers with rewards programs and convenient delivery via Bolt Food and more.

Whether a solo slice or a group gathering, Papa’s makes enjoying quality pizza crafted with Ghanaian soul as easy as a few clicks. Call 024 115 0555 for a mouthwatering meal that’s so much more than a standard takeaway. Papa’s Pizza Ring Road serves community and local flavor, one delicious bite at a time.

Satisfy Your Pizza Cravings at Accra’s Top Spots

Accra’s pizza game is stronger than ever, with delicious pies and tasty slices to suit any budget or occasion. After tasting my way through the city’s best pizzerias, I’ve highlighted the spots that deliver on quality, variety, service, and setting.

Whether you’re a pizza purist or an experimental foodie, there’s a perfect pizza waiting for you in Accra. Try a familiar favorite or expand your horizons with unique local flavors. Have an intimate date night or host a lively gathering with ease. With convenient online ordering and delivery, satisfying your pizza craving has never been simpler.

I hope I’ve helped you discover new go-to joints or recommit to longtime favorites. No matter where your pizza journey leads, embrace the experience fully – savor each bite and make memories with good company. Don’t forget to drop me a line with your own Accra pizza reviews! Now get out there and get eating. Happy pizza hunting!

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