6 Best Buffet Restaurants In Johannesburg To Feast On

6 Best Buffet Restaurants In Johannesburg To Feast On

Looking to indulge in an incredible variety of flavors in Johannesburg? You’re in luck! This city is a buffet lover’s paradise.

With so many options, though, finding the perfect buffet restaurant can feel overwhelming. You want delicious food, good value, and a great atmosphere. But disappointing buffets with lackluster food, long lines, and noise can ruin the experience.

After tasting my way through countless spreads across Joburg, I’ve discovered the top 6 buffets that deliver mouthwatering menus, cozy ambiance, and excellent service every time.

In this article, I’ll share my personal favorites to help you have an amazing buffet experience in Johannesburg. You’ll find each restaurant’s location, contact details, hours, and reviews.

Get ready to feast on satisfying buffets!

1. Taste the Rainbow at Artistry JHB

Artistry JHB tantalizes your taste buds with inventive African fusion cuisine in a chic, artsy setting. Their colorful, creative dishes showcase the continent’s diverse flavors.

Located in the heart of the trendy Maboneng Precinct, this gem is easy to access. They’re open Sunday through Monday from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. Call +27 60 847 5713 or visit their website to make reservations.

I was thrilled to try this hot new spot. The intimate, dimly lit interior oozed an artistic vibe. My taste buds went on a wild ride, from crispy mushroom croquettes with zingy dipping sauce to buttery prawns swimming in beer sauce. The fresh tuna tartare atop crunchy tortillas sang with bright lemon and capers. And the warm malva pudding finale left me craving more.

Fellow foodies rave about it too, like Marius Swart who said “Decided to visit the Artistry tonight. It was awesome. The food, service, and atmosphere is great. All the staff are very friendly. I had the Chicken Peri Peri ……. Delicious. The chips are the best I’ve had in a long time. We loved the experience. Was given a nice spoil for my birthday .”

With phenomenal fusion flavors and excellent service, Artistry brings Johannesburg a vibrant, new buffet experience. Don’t miss their creative take on South African cuisine!

2. Strike Gold at Billy G’s Legendary Buffet

For a thrilling buffet adventure, set your sights on Billy G at Gold Reef City Casino. This Johannesburg legend satisfies all cravings with mouthwatering stations piled high.

Conveniently located in the casino complex, it’s open daily for breakfast from 6:30-10:30 a.m., lunch from 12-4 p.m., and dinner from 6-10 p.m. Call +27 11 248 5341 or visit their website to reserve your table.

Eager to try this famous spot, I walked in and was immediately enveloped by tantalizing aromas. The vast food stations spanned colorful salads, seafood, roasts, curries, and more. My taste buds delighted in the bobotie’s blend of spices over fluffy rice and tangy chutney.

Butter-bathed prawns and fall-off-the-bone ribs were simply sublime. For dessert, chocolate mousse cake, cheesecake, and warm churros dipped in chocolate ended my meal on a sweet note.

Fellow foodie Lucy Matsetela also relished the “Beautiful, Quiet, Peaceful & Just Too Nice! ” ambiance and raved about the food and drinks

With incredible variety and flavors, Billy G’s is a can’t-miss Johannesburg institution for buffet fans. I’m already planning my return to this sensational culinary playground!

3. Immerse Yourself in South African Traditions at Mike’s Heritage House

Experience South Africa’s rich cultural heritage through food and performances at Mike’s Heritage House. This gem provides an authentic buffet experience.

Conveniently located in Parktown, they’re open daily from 8 am-10 pm. Call +27 11 484 2688 or browse their website to reserve.

Eager to dive into South African traditions, I arrived at this beautifully classic, family-friendly restaurant. Inside, lively music and dances transported me between diverse ethnic groups. Out in the tranquil gardens, I gazed at the charming historic house.

I savored traditional dishes like flavorful mogodu, samp, tripe, and chakalaka. The food and riveting performances gave me an incredible immersion into South African heritage.

Fellow diner Nqobile Masikane also enjoyed the “really great” food, highlighting the large portions and cozy ambiance.

More than just a restaurant, Mike’s provides the opportunity to experience South Africa’s rich history and culture through cuisine and entertainment. I left with a full stomach and a greater appreciation for this country’s treasured traditions.

4. Indulge in Sophisticated Elegance at Flames

For a refined buffet experience, Flames delivers sophistication and panoramic views atop Johannesburg. Creative African cuisine shines here alongside impeccable service.

Nestled within the luxurious Four Seasons Westcliff Hotel, they’re open daily for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Visit their website or call +27 11 481 6000 to book your special occasion.

Seeking quality time together, I surprised my wife with dinner here for her birthday. From the elegant ambiance to the innovative African-inspired buffet, it was clear why Flames came so highly recommended. The ostrich carpaccio’s bright flavors and beautifully plated beef fillet exemplified the culinary artistry.

Most memorable was witnessing my wife’s joy as she soaked in the breathtaking sunset views – she deserved the perfect evening out. Flames delivered with sophistication, stunning vistas, and exemplary care.

Fellow diner Wesley Proxenos also talks wildly about the fantastic food and views, deeming it “worth the money for special occasions!” and also added ‘ The food was all fantastic and exceptionally well-flavored

Flames exceeded my expectations, crafting the ideal fine dining experience to reconnect with my love. It’s now our special place to indulge in Joburg.

5. Find Zen and Flavor at Kong Sing

Travel to culinary nirvana at Kong Sing, where Asian cuisine shines through artful presentations and harmonious flavors. Watch the chefs prepare each dish with care.

Conveniently located in Cyrildene, they’re closed on Mondays but open Tuesday through Saturday. Visit their website or Call +27 11 616 6001 to reserve your table.

Seeking a peaceful dinner out with my family, I chose Kong Sing after glowing online reviews. The tranquil ambiance instantly eased our worries away. We were entertained watching the open kitchen in action, as chefs meticulously prepared each dish.

But the true stars were the mouthwatering flavors – from succulent sushi to dim sum bursting with savory fillings. Our attentive server Warren provided personalized service that made us feel special.

Although pricier than some buffets, fellow diners like Carika Muller confirm Kong Sing is worth it, raving about the “Incredible food” and “great service.” saying that was the ‘THE BEST SUSHI AND DIM SUM I HAVE EVER EATEN’

Kong Sing delivered a relaxing and flavor-packed experience. As we left restored and fulfilled, I knew we’d found our new favorite for savoring family moments together.

6. Recharge with Authentic Asian Flavors at Lotus

Transport your taste buds to Asia at Lotus Chinese Restaurant, where skilled chefs prepare fresh, flavorful dishes right before your eyes.

Conveniently located in Rosebank, they’re open daily from 11 am-9 pm. Check out their Food Menu or Call +27 72 484 6138 to reserve.

Craving authentic Asian food after weeks of travel, I was thrilled to discover Lotus and its focus on quality Asian cuisine. The owner’s warm welcome instantly made me feel at home. As she enthusiastically guided me through the buffet, her passion for each dish was evident.

Settling in to watch the entertaining teppanyaki chefs in action, my anticipation built. The food exceeded my expectations – from crispy, feather-light tempura to melt-in-your-mouth sashimi, each bite beamed with fresh, authentic flavor. By the meal’s end, my craving was sated and my wanderlust recharged.

Fellow diner Sue Hsu also raved about the “amazing” food and “very attentive” service saying ‘The venue is also spacious and private. Look out for their sushi and Asian food buffet, very affordable with a great selection

Lotus delivered a comforting taste of Asia through its skilled chefs, stellar hospitality, and incredibly fresh flavors. I left feeling nourished in body and spirit, eager to return.

Satisfy Your Appetite at Joburg’s Best Buffets

Looking for a scrumptious buffet in Johannesburg? I’ve given you my top 6 picks that offer delicious variety and value across the city.

From Artistry JHB’s mouthwatering African fusion flavors to Billy G’s vast culinary playground, these restaurants deliver excellent food in inviting atmospheres. Mike’s Heritage House immerses you in South African culture through cuisine and performances. Flames provides fine dining and breathtaking views, while Kong Sing serves artful Asian dishes. At Lotus, watch skilled chefs prepare authentic Asian specialties and sushi.

With their convenient locations, generous menus, and rave reviews, these gems have something for every palate. So next time you’re craving an incredible buffet in Joburg, consult this list to satisfy your appetite.

As a seasoned buffet fanatic, I highly recommend giving these restaurants a try – you won’t regret it! Now hurry up and book your table before I beat you there. Let the feasting in Johannesburg begin!

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