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Waterfall Hopping

  • Aburi, Ghana
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Escape the city for a refreshing day visiting three breathtaking waterfalls near Aburi. Depart Accra and head first to Asenema Waterfall to marvel at its natural beauty before traveling on to Adom Waterfall, known for its serene and picturesque cascades. Continue to the stunning Oboadaka Waterfall, the most impressive of the three, and take in the surrounding tranquil atmosphere. After immersing yourself in the natural splendor of these falls, stop for a delicious lunch at Ridge Nest Hotel overlooking the scenic Aburi Mountains. This waterfall hopping adventure allows you to discover the unique and captivating waterfalls of Ghana while enjoying peaceful natural settings and panoramic views.


Depart Accra and drive to Asenema Waterfall (approx 1.5 hr drive)

Arrive at Asenema Waterfall. Spend 1-2 hours exploring the waterfall, taking photos, and enjoying the natural surroundings.

Depart Asenema and drive to Adom Waterfall (approx 30 min drive).

Arrive at Adom Waterfall. Spend 1 hour at this picturesque waterfall, taking in the serene cascades and lush scenery.

Depart from Adom and drive to Oboadaka Waterfall (approx 45 min).

Arrive at Oboadaka Waterfall. This is the most impressive and largest of the three falls. Spend 1-2 hours taking in the stunning views and atmosphere. Walk along the trails and view the waterfall from different vantage points.

Depart Oboadaka and drive to Ridge Nest Hotel for late lunch (approx 30 mins).

Arrive at Ridge Nest Hotel. Enjoy lunch on the patio with panoramic views of the Aburi Mountains.

Depart Ridge Nest Hotel and drive back to Accra (approx 1.5 hrs).

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