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Daily Group Wine Tour

  • Franschhoek, Paarl, South Africa, Stellenbosch
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Join us on our daily wine tour aboard our luxurious air-conditioned vehicles and immerse yourself in the enchanting ambiance of the wine region. Explore the scenic vineyards, savor exceptional wines, all in a relaxed, informal, and informative setting! Your certified guide will pick you up from your accommodation in Central Cape Town or Stellenbosch in our comfortable Air-Conditioned Mini Vans equipped with free Wi-Fi. The guide will engage with you about your wine preferences and interests, planning the day’s destinations to enhance your experience. We don’t follow a fixed itinerary; instead, we customize the tour based on the participants’ interests. If there’s a shared enthusiasm for a specific style of wine, we adjust the tour accordingly. Quality is our priority; we never compromise. During the day, we take you behind the scenes and into the cellar, offering insights into the wine-making process. Walk through the lush vineyards, where you can taste the grapes firsthand, gaining a deeper understanding of this captivating stage of the wine narrative. Experience wine tasting at three different vineyards, each paired with delightful cheeses. Rest assured, your taste buds will be delighted as you sample a diverse range of wines, from Champagne to Dessert Wine, Port to Rose. It’s a comprehensive and satisfying tasting experience – the Wine Tasting Full Monty!   Please note: WE DO NOT COLLECT FROM MILNERTON/BLOUBERG AREA ON OUR GROUP TOURS


Your day begins with a comfortable pick-up from your accommodation in Central Cape Town or Stellenbosch. Meet your certified guide and fellow wine enthusiasts in our luxury air-conditioned vehicles equipped with free Wi-Fi. Arrive at the first picturesque vineyard. Embark on a guided tour of the vineyard, exploring the lush vine rows and learning about the different grape varieties. Engage in a behind-the-scenes tour of the cellar, understanding the intricate winemaking process. Conclude the tour with a delightful wine tasting session, expertly paired with a selection of artisan cheeses. Journey to the second carefully selected vineyard. Enjoy a leisurely stroll through the vineyards, accompanied by your guide who will share insights into the region’s terroir and winemaking techniques. Enter the cellar to witness the magic of fermentation and barrel aging. Indulge in a curated wine tasting experience, complemented by exquisite cheeses, enhancing the flavors of the wines.

Savor a delicious lunch at a local restaurant, offering a variety of gourmet dishes and regional specialties. After lunch, take some leisure time to relax amidst the scenic vineyard surroundings. Capture the moment with photos or simply unwind and absorb the tranquil ambiance. Proceed to the final vineyard destination. Take a guided vineyard walk, learning about sustainable viticulture practices and the unique characteristics of the grape varietals grown in this region. Delight in a wine tasting experience featuring a diverse selection of wines, ranging from sparkling to dessert wines. Each wine will be thoughtfully paired with complementary cheeses, providing a sensory delight. Relax and enjoy the scenic drive back to your accommodation. During the journey, reflect on the day’s experiences and newfound knowledge about wines. Bid farewell to your guide and fellow travelers as you are dropped off at your accommodation, concluding a day filled with memorable moments and exquisite flavors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, transportation is included in the tour package. Our luxury air-conditioned vehicles will pick you up from your accommodation in Central Cape Town or Stellenbosch and drop you back after the tour, ensuring a comfortable and convenient experience.

The tour includes visits to three different vineyards. Each vineyard offers a unique experience, including behind-the-scenes tours, vineyard walks, and curated wine tasting sessions. You’ll have the opportunity to explore a diverse range of wines and learn about the winemaking process at each location.

While the tour includes a cheese pairing session during the wine tastings, other meals, including lunch, are not included. However, we make a stop at a local restaurant where you can enjoy a delicious lunch at your own expense. This allows you the flexibility to choose from a variety of gourmet dishes and regional specialties.

Minimum numbers of 2 required for tour to go ahead.

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