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Benin Tour, Discover a cultural trip through Benin

  • Abomey, Benin, Boukoumbé, Cotonou, Djougou, Grand-Popo, Lokossa, Natitingou, Ouidah, Porto-Novo
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This trip takes you to the heart of Benin. It will allow you to cross the country from South to North, while making great discoveries, exceptional encounters and lifestyles. It is a mixture of culture, architecture, cuisine and traditions. Live your trip to the fullest.


Welcome and transfer to Hotel.

At 9 am, set out for Ganvie, where you’ll embark on a boat tour to explore stilt houses. Enjoy lunch and return to the hotel afterward.

At 9 am, commence the journey to Porto-Novo. Explore the Black River of Adjarra, visit a family of drum makers, and after breakfast, tour the Honmey Museum. Discover the 9 Heads Monster place and the oldest mosque before returning to Cotonou for an overnight stay.

Departure to Ouidah, visit of sacreed forest , Slave route, Portuguese fort ( museum) pythons temple , Lunch. Slave route and the gate of no return. Overnight

At 9 am, embark on a two-hour road journey to Abomey. Explore the Behanzin Palace, the oldest palace, and delve into the history of the women kings. Enjoy lunch and visit the center for the transformation of natural juice. Continue the journey to Dassa for an overnight stay.

Exploration of the Marian Cave of Arigbo and a visit to Fish Hill and Okuta Hill. After lunch, explore the 41 Hills of Idasha before returning to the hotel for the night.

At 9 am, depart for Savalou. Explore the Fâ Museum, which showcases traditional fortune-telling science, and the Slave Hall of Fame. Enjoy lunch and visit Dankoly, a Vodoun shrine. Return to Dassa for an overnight stay.

At 9 am, commence the journey to Natitingou, a 5-hour road trip. Upon arrival, check-in and settle into the hotel.

At 9 am, visit the Regional Museum of Natitingou, then proceed to Kouande to explore the Kota Waterfall. Return to the hotel for an overnight stay.

Depart at 9 am for Boukounbe, where you will explore the traditional structures known as TATA SOMBA and engage with the local population. The visit will span the day, and you will return to the hotel afterward.

Embark on a journey to Parakou, upon arrival engage in a city tour, and explore the largest market in the North of Benin. Return to the hotel afterward.

Depart for Cotonou, enjoy lunch en route, and arrive for an overnight stay.

At 9 am, depart for Gogotinkpon to discover the traditional practice of bathing babies, including the local techniques and rituals involved. Experience local cuisine and enjoy a natural massage using clay.

At 9 am, visit the Amazon Place to explore the history of the women’s army of Danxomey, proceed to the Place des Martyrs to learn from the mural, and conclude with a visit to Dantokpa.

Enjoy a leisurely morning on your own, and later, you will be transferred to the airport.

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The tour itinerary is truly captivating, offering a diverse range of experiences encompassing culture, history, and nature. With visits to museums, historical sites, natural landmarks, and opportunities to interact with local communities, it promises a rich and immersive travel adventure. Overall, it’s an extraordinary tour that blends adventure, cultural exploration, and relaxation seamlessly.

Yes with several years of experience.

A small country near Nigeria.

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