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Back to Your Roots

  • Ghana, Kumasi
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Experience the heart of Ashanti heritage on this immersive trip designed to connect repatriating diasporans with their roots. The journey includes meaningful activities that provide an authentic taste of Ashanti traditions. Attend a traditional naming ceremony to witness the rituals that formally welcome Ashanti babies into the community. Learn about the cultural significance behind each gesture and gain insight into the values of family and identity that are central to Ashanti culture. Visit the bustling Ntonso Adinkra Market, where artisans hand-print traditional Adinkra symbols onto cloth using carved calabash stamps. Learn about the West African wisdom and proverbs behind these iconic prints that tell the history of the Ashanti people. Tour a working cocoa farm in the fertile Ashanti region, one of Ghana’s major cocoa producing areas. Gain firsthand knowledge of how cocoa is cultivated, harvested and processed from bean to bar. Through these hand-selected experiences focused on Ashanti naming traditions, crafts, and agriculture, repatriate diasporans can forge a deeper connection with their ancestral roots and heritage. Immerse yourself in the communal rituals, artistry, and livelihoods central to Ashanti traditions.

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We recommend that you wear clothes and shoes that are comfortable for walking. Sunscreen, sunglasses and hats are a must have.

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