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7 Days Togo Tour

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You will know how the ocean smells in the morning. What beautiful sunsets and sunrises there are in Africa!


You will experience the mysterious West Africa because tours here are not so popular. You will see how they prepare for the Voodoo ceremony, and how it is carried out.


You will see how the locals live, what they eat, and what they dream about. Learn how to cook African food and dance Afro-pop in a master class. Try real seafood – just fresh from the ocean. Buy yourself colourful fabrics as the locals do, the famous Shea butter, and baobab butter.


Take a trek to the centre of the jungle to swim in a waterfall, and see butterflies and a mysterious garden with wild plants. The money can be returned, but the time you did not spend on travel is not. So what are you waiting for?


7 Days Togo Tour

On the initial day of your arrival, we will arrange a warm welcome for you at the airport. Our dedicated representative will be there to greet you and smoothly guide you through the immigration process. They will assist you in retrieving your luggage and accompany you through the VIP exit.

Following that, a spacious and air-conditioned bus will be ready to transport you comfortably to your hotel. Upon reaching the hotel, you’ll have the opportunity to unwind, freshen up with a relaxing shower, and take a refreshing swim in the pool. Later in the evening, we will come together to relish delectable African cuisine, exchange amusing anecdotes from past adventures, and set intentions for our exciting future endeavors!

7 Days Togo Tour

Are you familiar with the captivating city of Lome? If not, this tour is tailor-made for you! Rise and shine at 8 in the morning to embrace the true African essence as we embark on a guided journey through this enchanting city.

What awaits us during this adventure?

– Experience the mystique of the Voodoo market.
– Immerse ourselves in the vibrant atmosphere of the local big market.
– Discover the grandeur of the Lome Palace.
– Delve into the rich history and culture at the Lome Museum.

In the evening, we’ll be treated to a special master class on African cuisine, conducted by a talented chef. By the end of this unforgettable trip, you’ll be equipped to recreate the flavors of African cuisine in the comfort of your own home!

7 Days Togo Tour

Prepare for an enchanting experience – the Voodoo ceremony, one of the most mysterious and captivating events. Our destination? A magical village where the locals continue to embrace the ancient traditions of voodoo. Despite the presence of a church in the village, the residents devoutly worship their gods, offer gifts, practice magical rituals, and hold strong beliefs in the significance of the number two, the divinity of twins, and mermaids. Are you intrigued?

After witnessing the mesmerizing voodoo ritual and exploring the village, our journey continues to the junction of the local river and the vast ocean. Here, we’ll savor the freshest seafood, embark on boat rides, and glide across the waters on stand-up paddleboards (SUP). It’s the perfect opportunity to unwind and relax amidst the soothing shades of nature.

In the evening, a delightful dinner awaits you on a charming terrace, ensuring the perfect end to an extraordinary day filled with awe-inspiring experiences.

7 Days Togo Tour

Embarking on an adventure to the lush Kpalime jungles, we’ll rise early in the morning, packing some delicious food for the journey ahead. Our path will lead us far from the ocean, delving deep into the heart of the jungle. The exhilarating journey, lasting approximately 4 hours, promises to be far from dull. Outside the window, picturesque African villages, vibrant attire, and magnificent baobabs will captivate our senses.

Finally, after the 4-hour expedition, we’ll arrive at a truly enchanting destination – a magical house that will be exclusively ours for the next two days. All meals and beverages are thoughtfully included in the tour price for these two days.

During our stay, we’ll explore the remarkable botanical garden, marvelling at its extraordinary flora. An exciting climb to a mesmerizing waterfall awaits us, followed by an insightful visit to cocoa plantations where we’ll witness the growth of this coveted crop. Additionally, we’ll discover the renowned rooibos coffee and engage in the art of batik, among other fascinating activities.

Rest assured, boredom will be far from your mind during these two unforgettable days, filled with extraordinary experiences and unforgettable memories.

7 Days Togo Tour

A day of relaxation and rejuvenation awaits us. After days filled with excitement and busyness, it’s time to unwind. We’ll indulge in leisurely moments, basking in the refreshing pool and savoring a delightful lunch.

To add a touch of cultural flair, we’ll arrange a special African dance master class. This lively experience will infuse our day with vibrant rhythms and joyful movements. To capture these wonderful moments, I’ve arranged for a skilled photographer who will conduct a photo shoot, ensuring lasting memories of our incredible adventures.

As the day draws to a close, we’ll gather for a Gala dinner (included in the price) to relish exquisite dishes and complement our meals with fine wine. During this memorable occasion, I’ll present you with meaningful souvenirs to cherish. As the sun sets on this adventure, we’ll create lasting memories together. Mischief managed, indeed!

7 Days Togo Tour

Today marks the departure day, my dear friend! Over the past 7 days, our bond has grown so strong that parting ways feels difficult. I sincerely hope to reunite with you in the future! As each of you arrived from different countries, your departures will naturally be at different times. Rest assured, we take care of each tourist individually. You need not worry, for at the airport, we will accompany you to your respective flights.

Although our adventure together comes to an end today, it’s not a final farewell from me. Instead, I bid you “see you soon” with a hopeful heart, knowing that our paths may cross again in the future!

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