Kyabobo National Park

Kyabobo National Park

  • Adventure Park
  • Volta Region


About Kyabobo National Park

Lace-up your hiking boots for a thrilling journey through Kyabobo National Park, spanning over 350 rugged square kilometers in Ghana’s Volta Region. Located beneath the towering Kyabobo Range, this forested realm offers adrenaline-pumping treks to admire breathtaking waterfalls and sweeping mountain vistas.

Follow trails through lush jungle, across boulder-strewn cliffs, and into a thundering shower of cascades like Asikuma and Dzebobo Falls. Tread carefully around slippery slopes as you traverse deep into valleys guarded by these raging giants. Keep your eyes peeled for elusive wildlife like olive baboons, warthogs, and over 500 vivid butterfly species fluttering through the understory.

With its epic scenery and heart-thumping hikes leading to spectacular payoffs, Kyabobo National Park promises a hike you’ll be recounting for years. Lace-up and load up for a muddy, adrenaline-charged foray into one of Ghana’s most spectacular and little-explored wilderness preserves.



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