Tips for Hosts

Welcome hosts! We’re thrilled you’ve joined our community of local experience providers in Africa. 

At Gold Coast XP, our top priority is empowering you to share your unique offerings while providing excellent service to global travellers. This resource centre offers tips and best practices for being a successful host on our platform:

Creating Engaging Listings

Your listings are travellers’ first impression of your tour, activity, event or stay. Make them shine:

  • Use descriptive titles and headlines that highlight key highlights and attractions.
  • Write detailed overviews that get travellers excited to book your experience.
  • Showcase your listings with high-quality photos that accurately represent what guests can expect.
  • Be responsive to guest inquiries – quick and helpful replies encourage bookings.

Pricing Strategically

  • Research competitors and local rates to price your listings competitively. Underpricing can devalue your offerings.
  • Consider demand, seasonality, and your costs. Adjust prices accordingly.
  • Offer discounts on slower days or for larger groups to drive bookings.

Providing 5-Star Service

The service you provide is just as important as your offerings. Wow guests by:

  • Confirming bookings quickly and sending helpful pre-trip details like meeting locations.
  • Being punctual and prepared – guests’ time is valuable.
  • Treating all guests in a warm, welcoming, and professional manner.
  • Going above and beyond to delight guests whenever possible.

Managing Calendar and Availability

  • Use a calendar to avoid overbooking yourself. Block off dates you’re unavailable.
  • Update availability immediately when a booking is confirmed.
  • Notify guests promptly if you must cancel due to unforeseen circumstances. Offer to rebook.

Encouraging Reviews

Reviews significantly impact your search placement and bookings.

  • Gently ask happy guests to leave positive reviews after an experience. Direct them to your listing page.
  • Respond professionally to any negative feedback and offer to make it right.
  • Thank guests publicly for taking the time to review you.

We hope these tips help you create amazing experiences, provide exceptional hospitality, and grow your business on Gold Coast XP. Reach out anytime if you need assistance!