Gold Coast XP's Commission Structure

At Gold Coast XP, we charge commissions on bookings to cover our operating costs and continue improving our platform. Our commissions are competitive within the industry and designed to be fair for hosts and travellers.

Below we explain our commission rates and policies in more detail:

Tours and Activities

For all tour and activity bookings, Gold Coast XP charges a 10% commission on the total booking value. This applies to any experience you list involving guiding, instructing, or leading travellers.

For example, if you charge $100 for a walking tour, we would collect $10 as commission. The remaining $90 would be paid out to you as the host.

Our 10% commission allows us to provide:

  • Listing services like publication, promotion, and customer support
  • Secure online payments and protection against cancellations
  • Marketing to attract travellers and drive bookings to your tour or activity

We aim to keep this commission low to maximize earnings for hosts while covering our costs.


For event listings, our commission policy depends on whether the event is free, free with addons or paid.

Free Events

If your event listing is free for travellers to attend, Gold Coast XP will not charge any commission. You will receive 100% of any optional donations contributed by attendees.

Free + Addons Events

This pricing model allows you to offer free tickets to an event but charge for addons that attendees will select during checkout. A 2% commission is charged on every addon sale.

Paid Events

If your event charges admission fees or requires ticket purchases, our standard 2% commission will apply to the total booking value.

For example, if you charge $50 per ticket, we would collect $1 for each ticket sold.

This allows us to provide the same listing and booking services for events as we do for tours and activities.


For accommodation listings like hotels, vacation rentals, or homestays, Gold Coast XP charges a 10% commission on total booking values.

For a 2-night stay costing travellers $200 total, we would collect $20 in commission. You would earn the remaining $180 as the accommodation host.

The slightly higher commission allows us to provide:

  • Increased marketing of your accommodation to global audiences
  • A channel manager to sync your listing and availability across platforms (Coming Soon)
  • Guest messaging and support to help drive bookings and handle inquiries

With this competitive commission rate, we aim to maximize occupancy and bookings for your property.

Our commission structure allows us to connect more travelers with hosts like you while remaining fair for both parties. By working together, we can showcase the best of African hospitality and travel experiences to the world. Please reach out if you have any other questions!