Getting Paid as a Gold Coast XP Host

This article explains everything you need to know about getting paid for bookings on your listings as a Host on GoldCoastXP. Follow these steps so you can receive payouts smoothly and securely.

Before You Can Get Paid: Set Up Your Payout Method

To earn money from bookings, you first need to connect your GoldCoastXP account to a payout method. We partner with Stripe to send payouts safely to your bank account. You must complete the payout setup before:

  • Customers can book your listings
  • You can add new listings

Here’s how to set up payouts with Stripe:

  1. Go to your Account Dashboard and click “Payouts.” On mobile, tap your profile picture, then “Payouts.”
  2. Click “Start setup” and enter your email and mobile number to verify your account. Stripe will text you a code to confirm. If the code is delayed for more than 3 minutes, click on the “Resend code” text to try again.
Getting Paid as a Gold Coast XP Host
  1. Select your country and business type. Choose the country where your bank is located.
  2. Enter your legal name, date of birth if sole proprietor, and website. Your GoldCoastXP profile link works great.
  3. Carefully enter your bank details. Contact your bank if you need routing or account numbers.
  4. Review all details to ensure accuracy before submitting.
  5. Stripe may require a photo ID for security. Upload if requested.

Once your payout method is set up, you’re ready to earn on GoldCoastXP!

Receiving Your GoldCoastXP Payouts

  • Payouts are sent to your connected bank account on your pay schedule.
  • If a payout is delayed, check your dashboard and email. We may need additional info to complete it.
  • For help with payouts, see Stripe’s Payouts FAQ.

Updating Your Stripe Account

If your bank details change, you can update your Stripe payout method at any time:

Getting Paid as a Gold Coast XP Host
  1. Go to
  2. Click “Update Information” and edit in Stripe.
  3. Click “Return to GoldCoastXP” when finished.

By setting up your payout method, you can easily get paid for sharing your amazing experiences! Let us know if you have any other questions.