Creating a Listing

As an experience partner on Gold Coast XP, you can create tour and activity listings that travelers can book for their trips. This help article will walk you through the key settings and options for creating listings on Gold Coast XP.

Adding a Listing on Gold Coast XP

Adding your tour, activity, event, or other experience on Gold Coast XP is easy. Just follow these steps:

1. Click the plus icon (+) in the top right corner or from your dashboard, click on “Listings” then “Add listing“.

2. Select the type of listing you want to add:

  • Tour
  • Activity
  • Event
  • Stay/Accommodation

3. Enter a name for your listing.

4. Write an overview description of what you are offering. Provide key details and highlights to attract customers.

5. Choose a category that best fits your listing, like “Food Tours” or “Water Sports” etc.

6. Add highlights for your listing to showcase key attractions and features. These are prominently displayed and help customers get excited about what you offer!

7. Select the country where your listing is located.

8. Fill out the remaining fields for your listing details based on the type selected. Follow the prompts and provide as much relevant information as possible.

9. Click “Submit for review” when you are done entering all listing details.

Once published, the Gold Coast XP team will review your listing before it goes live on the site.

To view listings you’ve added, log into your Partner Dashboard and click “Listings“. You will see the status of all your current listings.

That’s it! Adding your first listing on Gold Coast XP is quick and easy. Provide engaging details to attract more bookings. Let us know if you have any other questions!