Booking Types (Activities & Tours)

Gold Coast XP lets you choose from three main booking types when creating a new activity or tour listing so that customers can schedule and book experiences easily.

Multi, Fixed, or Recurring Dates

This booking type allows you to set multiple fixed dates, date ranges, or recurring dates that customers can book.

For example:

  • Fixed dates: January 5, December 10, February 15 etc.
  • Date range: January 5 – January 20
  • Recurring every 2 weeks from January 5 – March 30

This allows you to set predefined date(s) or date ranges that customers can book.

How to use:

  1. Start by selecting this booking type from the “Booking Type” field, then click on “Add date
  2. Toggle “Multi date” on to enable selecting multiple dates or date ranges.
  3. Click “Add date” to add more fixed dates or ranges.
  4. To add a range, enter a start and end date.
  5. To add fixed dates, select each date you want available.
  6. Enable “Recurrence” to set this booking to repeat on a schedule from the calendar.
  7. Choose how often it repeats (every 2 weeks, every month, etc.).
  8. Set an end date so recurrence stops on a certain date by selecting a date from the “Until” date field.

Flexible Date

This booking type allows you to specify which days of the week or month a listing is bookable by excluding specific days of the week or picking a date from the calendar.

For example:

  • Exclude Tuesdays and Thursdays from being booked
  • Exclude holidays like July 4th, Christmas, etc. by picking these dates from the calendar

How to use:

  1. Start by selecting this booking type from the “Booking Type” field
  2. Exclude days from being booked by checking those days from the “Exclude days of week” field. E.g, if you check/select Tuesday, it means customers cannot book the tour on Tuesdays.
  3. Click on dates in the calendar to disable bookings for holidays or other blackout dates.

Flexible Time Slots

This booking type allows you to set up specific time slots that customers can book for appointments, tours, or other timed activities.

For example:

  • Tuesdays And Wednesdays from 9:00am – 10:30 am
  • Saturdays and Sundays from 11:00am – 12:30 pm

This allows you to set predefined days and times your tour/activity can be booked.

How to setup:

  1. Click “Add timeslot group
  2. Select which days of the week it’s available from the “Choose days” field
  3. Click “Save” to register the changes
  4. In “Create time slots” click on “Add” to create time slots i.e. start and end times then click “Add” to apply to selected days
  5. Use “Generate” to quickly create timed slots at intervals like every 30 or 60 minutes.

Common Options for All Booking Types


  • Set “Make Available next” to 360 to allow bookings for the whole upcoming year. Or limit booking days, like 30 or 90.


  • Use “Booking limit per day” to limit the number of bookings to 9 per day, for example.
  • Set max and min number of adults under “Adult” pricing.


  • Use “Extras” to add selectable add-ons that customers can add to their booking at an additional cost. E.g. accommodation etc.
  • Set label (Name of the extras item), pricing, quantities, and whether the extras is required by toggling the required switch. With the “Required” switch toggled, a customer cannot complete a checkout until they have added the extras to their order.


  • Enable “Notes” to share special instructions, locations, etc. with customers.

Let us know if you need any clarification or have additional questions by contacting us!