Exploring the Top 7 Luxury Lodges in Victoria Falls

7 Luxurious Victoria Falls Lodges Youll Love to Visit

Every adventurer would surely like to stand right next to the biggest waterfall Earth has to offer- Victoria Falls, it would be an amazing experience to hear the loud sound of water falling and feel a cool spray on your face.

After exploring the falls between Zambia and Zimbabwe, you’ll want to sit down and relax in a cozy place just for you.

In this blog, I’ll tell you about the top 7 luxury lodges in Victoria Falls. Come with me and let’s check them out.

1. Victoria Falls Safari Club

The Victoria Falls Safari Club is like a peaceful and fancy treehouse on a high flat land, looking over the Zambezi National Park. It has 20 rooms and gives you a close-up feel of the wild African outdoors and beautiful sunsets.

The club has a two-level swimming pool, with a 15-meter pool for swimming laps and a sun deck, which is awesome for chilling out after a fun day.

If you want to keep up with your workouts, the club has a gym with all the latest equipment. The main hangout spot at the Victoria Falls Safari Club is a food lover’s dream.

It has a restaurant and bar that serve all kinds of yummy food. This means you can easily go to the famous Buffalo Bar, the fancy MaKuwa-Kuwa Restaurant, and the really fun Boma – Dinner & Drum Show. 

2. Victoria Falls River Lodge

The Victoria Falls River Lodge is like a hidden treasure, sitting right next to the Zambezi River, in the middle of the Zambezi National Park. It’s the first private game lodge built in the park, so it gives you a special experience that lets you get really close to nature.

It has a five-star room that fits perfectly with the wild nature around it. Each room is made to be super comfy and gives you an awesome view of the Zambezi River. 

The lodge has rooms on the mainland and on a private island, making sure every guest has a quiet and personal experience.

The Victoria Falls River Lodge has lots of cool activities for everyone. You can go on the exciting Bushtracks Express and Batoka Gorge activities, or try out the fun canopy tours and rafting on the Zambezi River. 

3. The Victoria Falls Hotel

The Victoria Falls Hotel is a place full of history and awesomeness. It was built by the British in 1904 and was first used as a place for workers to stay who were building the Cape-to-Cairo railway. Now, it’s part of The Leading Hotels of the World.

The Hotel has rooms that are fancy and comfy at the same time. Each room is made with lots of care and gives you an awesome view of the canyons and the famous Victoria Falls bridge.

Some rooms even let you see the mist from the Victoria Falls right from your window. The hotel has a special room called the Livingstone Room, where you can have dinner like nowhere else.

There’s also the Jungle Junction restaurant that’s like eating outdoors and has lots of different foods to choose from, even for the pickiest eaters. 

4. Old Drift Lodge

The Old Drift Lodge is a beautiful place to stay that fits perfectly with the nature around it. Each room is made with lots of care and gives you an amazing view of the big Zambezi River.

The rooms have a cool old-time safari feel and offer a mix of comfort and adventure. Each room has its own deck for watching the scenery, a small pool, and an outdoor shower. 

Family, Star, and Standard Suites: What’s the Difference?

The Old Drift Lodge offers a variety of suites to cater to different needs and preferences:

  • Family Suite: Luxuriously appointed and fully air-conditioned, the Family Suites provide an elegant refuge in the heart of the bush. Brass basins, billowing mosquito nets, and soft lighting mirror the rich beauty of the remarkable river setting and offer a memorable, shared family experience.
  • Star Suite: The Star Suite is typically positioned in a prime location within the lodge, offering breathtaking views of the Zambezi River and the surrounding wilderness. This exclusive suite is designed to provide privacy and tranquility, making it ideal for honeymooners or couples seeking a romantic getaway.
  • Standard Suite: A stay in a Standard Suite at Old Drift Lodge offers an unforgettable combination of luxury, natural beauty, wildlife encounters, and adventure in one of Africa’s most iconic destinations, the Zambezi River near Victoria Falls. It’s a perfect choice for those seeking a unique and immersive safari experience.
  • 5. Matetsi Victoria Falls

    Matetsi Victoria Falls is like a big party for Africa’s pretty nature and culture. It’s near the famous Victoria Falls and gives you a special African luxury experience.

    The inside of the lodge is really beautiful and shows off the colors and patterns of the African outdoors. 

    Private Villa, Luxury Family Suites, and Luxury Suites: A Comparison

    Matetsi Victoria Falls offers a range of accommodations to cater to different needs and preferences:

  • Private Villa: The exclusive-use 4-bedroomed private villa offers a home-away-from-home experience. With a dedicated team, including a private chef and butler, and a private safari vehicle, the villa offers a tailor-made safari experience.
  • Luxury Family Suites: Designed with families in mind, the Luxury Family Suites offer a shared family experience. Each suite consists of a master suite and a children’s room, connected via an enclosed passageway for convenient and secure access.
  • Luxury Suites: The Luxury Suites offer an exclusive experience within the destination. Overlooking the Zambezi River, these suites offer peace, tranquility, and the ultimate in comfort.
  • 6. The Elephant Camp

    The Elephant Camp gives you a close-up safari experience that’s special. It’s on top of the Zambezi Gorges and you can see the mist from the Victoria Falls.

    The Camp has a special deal that includes a bunch of cool things: this includes a place to stay, all your meals and drinks, WiFi, and rides to different places. 

    The Elephant Camp Main vs. The Elephant Camp West: What’s the Difference?

    The Elephant Camp is divided into two camps: The Elephant Camp Main and The Elephant Camp West.

  • The Elephant Camp Main consists of 12 luxury suites, each boasting a private plunge pool and viewing deck. Here, guests can enjoy the exquisite scenery and the rich wildlife of the area right from their rooms.
  • The Elephant Camp West, on the other hand, consists of only four suites, making it ideal for exclusive use by smaller groups and families seeking a more intimate safari experience.
  • 7. Stanley & Livingstone Boutique Hotel

    This hotel gives you a mix of comfort and adventure. It’s in the middle of the beautiful Victoria Falls Private Game Reserve, where the Big Five animals live and It’s only a short 15-minute drive from a lively town and the amazing Victoria Falls.

    The Stanley & Livingstone Boutique Hotel has 16 super fancy rooms. Each room is made to be comfy and gives you an awesome view of the wild outdoors. 

    The hotel is known for caring about every little detail, making sure guests don’t just feel warm, but feel like they’re at home.

    On this trip, we’ve checked out seven fancy lodges near Victoria Falls. Each one gives you a special mix of being cozy, having fun adventures, and making memories you’ll never forget.

    These lodges are not just fancy places to stay near Victoria Falls, but they’re perfect for anyone who wants an awesome African adventure.

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