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Arts and cocktails Studio sip and paint session is a fantastic and engaging experience that combines the joys of creating art with the pleasure of sipping on delicious cocktails. During the sip and paint sessions, participants are guided by a professional and talented artist who will teach them step-by-step how to create their own masterpiece, all while enjoying their favorite cocktails. The atmosphere of the class is relaxed and fun, encouraging creativity and self-expression. Whether you’re a seasoned artist or have never picked up a paintbrush before, this class is suitable for all skill levels. As you paint, you’ll have the opportunity to socialize with other participants, making it a perfect activity for a group of friends. The cocktail aspect adds an extra layer of enjoyment, as you can sip on your favorite drinks while expressing your creativity.


Briefing and introduction to the class. Beginning of the paint session. Serving of cocktails and finger foods in between, painting and dancing in the interim. Concluding paint sessions. Taking photos. Closing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our sip and paint events are mostly beginner friendly meaning you don’t need any prior painting experience to join the events. We also have professional trained staff who are always available to guide you through our painting sessions.

Yes! You can book a painting experience to be hosted at home or another location of your choosing aside our studio but the catch is, you’ll need a minimum number of 5 people to book us for an at home session.

We have public and private events scheduled at specific times for guests to come and paint. Call in first to make a reservation before walking in to avoid any disappointments.

Our studio has drinks available on sale however, you can Feel free to bring in your favorite beverage and some light snacks to enjoy during painting sessions. Remember you are painting most of the time so finger foods are best! We provide plastic cups, plates, napkins and bottle openers/corkscrews. We do not provide ice or serving or eating utensils, so bring those with you.  Please note that it is the law that you have to be 18 years  old to consume alcoholic beverages.  

Dress code is casual, but please note that acrylic paint is permanent on most fabrics.  We provide aprons for guests to wear while painting.

Your reservation fee includes everything you need to create a beautiful and unique painting! When you arrive you are supplied with an apron, brushes, paints and step by step art instruction throughout the event unless you opt to freestyle! When you’re done, your artwork is ready to hang at your home.

We try to offer  different variations of sessions that appeal to a wide range of ages. So Unless our activities or events don’t indicate 18+ then yes! kids are welcome to our paint sessions.

Guests must purchase a seat to be in the studio during events/parties.  Exceptions are made for children’s’ classes and parties where the parents who accompany the kids can stay to watch.

Yes! Acrylic is a fast drying medium so by the time you’re done painting, your masterpiece will be ready to take home. Also,  We have hair dryers to help speed up  the process  if needed.  

Please plan to arrive at least  15-20 minutes. Arriving late to your session will not allow you or your fellow painters the best possible experience.

Meeting And Pickup

Meeting Point

JW56+674, Accra, Ghana

End point

This activity ends back at the meeting point.


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