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Naming carries profound significance in African cultures, particularly among Ghanaians. It is a tradition of great importance, which is why names are bestowed upon individuals at the time of their birth. As you have not yet had the chance to receive an African name, we have arranged a unique ceremony for you. This event is designed to extend to you a warm welcome into our family and home, accompanied by a name that reflects your identity. This ceremony serves as an opportunity for introspection, a connection with our ancestral heritage, and the exploration of your true self.


•Introduction of the significance of the naming ceremony. •Ancestral Reflection •A session dedicated to sharing stories and wisdom from ancestors. •Elders or storytellers may recount family history and traditions. • Cultural Performances • The Naming Ritual •The central moment of the ceremony where you receive your African name.

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The duration of the ceremony can vary, but typically, it lasts several hours. We have a structured itinerary to ensure all key elements are covered, so please plan your schedule accordingly

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James Town Boutique, Accra, Ghana

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