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Chocolatier's Mastery: A Four-Day Immersive Chocolate Crafting Experience

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Embark on a four-day chocolate-making masterclass, an immersive journey for enthusiasts seeking to elevate their confectionery skills. Over this indulgent experience, participants will delve into the intricate world of chocolate craftsmanship, from sourcing the finest cocoa beans to creating sophisticated truffles and artisanal chocolate bars. Led by expert chocolatiers, each day unfolds with hands-on sessions, blending theory with practice. Participants will explore advanced techniques like tempering, molding, and flavor pairing, culminating in the creation of their own signature chocolate collection. Join us for this comprehensive masterclass and unlock the secrets to crafting exquisite chocolates that captivate the senses.


Uncover the art of transforming raw cocoa beans into high-quality chocolate bars. Engage in a guided tour of the chocolate-making process, exploring the nuances of bean selection and roasting.

Dive into the world of truffle making with a hands-on workshop. Experiment with diverse fillings, textures, and coatings to craft an array of luxurious, personalized truffles.

Master the intricacies of tempering chocolate for that perfect glossy finish. Explore advanced molding and shaping techniques, adding a professional touch to your chocolate creations.

Create your own artisanal chocolate bars, experimenting with various inclusions and toppings. Culminate the masterclass by assembling a signature collection, blending flavors and textures learned throughout the program.

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Meeting Point

Delfi Ventures, Accra, Ghana

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Activity ends back at the meeting point


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